Sectional Overhead Doors

Sectional Overhead Doors are the most versatile of garage doors and most commonly used in residential situations

Sectional Overhead Doors are comprised of a series of horizontal panels ranging in height from 400mm to 600mm hinged together. They run in a track system that allows the door to open up vertically, through a curve, and then horizontally along the ceiling. The doors use a torsion spring system that allows the door to be correctly balanced for automatic operation. Sectional Overhead Doors are available in a "Standard" or "Low" headroom configuration

An hugely popular choice involves aligning the finished door precisely with the building's facade. This demands customized hardware and specific angles to achieve a seamless integration across the entire facade.

  • Sectional – Timber (for example, boards, battens, mouldings, custom Hampton designs)
  • Sectional – Custom Materials
  • Sectional – Coatings (for example, Axolotl coatings, stained, powder coated, polyurethane spray paint finish)
  • Sectional – façade aligned installation

Popular finishes include (but are not limited to) – aluminium sheet, aluminium battens/blades/channels; Axolotl coatings; laminate; resin finishes; timber battens (species, size and spacing can all be modified); timber boards; unique pressed finishes; perforated metal sheet finishes; woven wire mesh; routed designs; powder-coated finishes; polyurethane spray finish; stained finishes; CNC sheet; alternative “wood-look” finishes; various timber mouldings; precious metal finishes, such as copper, zinc.

Download Sectional Overhead Doors specification sheet for more details.


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Benefits of Sectional Overhead Doors
  • Door construction allows for design freedom - the materials and designs that can be incorporated are virtually endless.
  • Alignment with building facade possible - ideal where door cladding is to match the building cladding.
  • Ideal for achieving maximum height.
  • Doors up to 8M wide.
  • Various methods of motorization allowing limited backroom and headroom.