Sectional Overhead Doors


Sectional Overhead Doors are comprised of a series of horizontal panels ranging in height from 400mm to 600mm hinged together. They run in a track system that allows the door to open up vertically, through a curve, and then horizontally along the ceiling. The doors use a torsion spring system that allows the door to be balanced for use by hand or for automatic operation. Sectional Overhead Doors are available in a "Standard" or "Low" headroom configuration -
refer to Sectional Overhead Door specification sheet.


  • Door construction allows for design freedom - the materials and designs that can be incorporated are virtually endless. From Colorbond to copper.
  • Alignment with building fascia possible - ideal where door cladding is to match the building cladding
  • Ideal for achieving maximum height. Doors up to 8M wide
  • Various methods of motorization allowing limited backroom and headroom - refer remote controls

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