Roller Doors & Shutters

Roller Doors

The Roller Door is designed for residential and light commercial sites where a smart, compact and cost-effective door is required. It opens vertically in a track and rolls up onto drum assembly that houses torsions springs to balance the door.


  • Manufactured in a wide range of COLORBOND® Steel colours - requires minimal maintenance
  • Available in a range of standard sizes or custom made to suit your garage opening from single openings up to 5.5 M wide.
  • Neat installation - no ceiling mountings or tracks
  • Smooth, quiet operation - very few moving parts, no wheels or hinges
  • Available with slotting for light and airflow.
  • Available with range of automatic operation - refer to remote controls
    Headroom Sideroom
Height Width A B C D1 D2
(with motor)
Domestic Single          
2100h 3100w 390 80 460 100 160
2400h 3100w 410 80 500 100 160
Domestic Double          
2100h 5500w 420 85 510 135 195
2400h 5500w 450 85 540 135 195
Industrial Single & Double        
2100h 5100w 540 65 640 135 210*
2400h 5100w 620 65 720 135 210*
5000h 5100w 635 65 740 135 210*


  1. Sideroom requirements include overlap - 25mm for single width doors, 50mm for double width and all Industrial doors.
  2. Chain operation or different Operator types may be recommended for certain applications with Industrial doors. Sideroom requirements for these vary. Please check with our office.
  3. When Automatic Operators are installed, power points are not included.
Installation Requirements

Aluminium Roller Shutters

Roller shutters work in a similar fashion to a Roller Door, but are manufactured with heavier interlocking slats, a solid steel drum and use commercial motors.
Image on left: Aluminium shutter on boatshed. Anodised and then powder coated. Door control interfaced with slipway winch.


  • Opening widths up to 6M - wider on application
  • Flush face achieved by flat aluminium slats 90mm wide x 1.5mm thick
  • Airflow can be achieved by either slotting or perforation.
  • Acrylic inserts can be fitted into slotted slats to allow light only
  • Neat installation - no ceiling mountings or tracks
  • Suitable for higher useage situations
  • Slats can be powder coated, anodized, or sprayed in polyurethane.
  • Automated with commercial motors, 415V or 240V