Tilting Doors

Tilting Doors, characterised by a single leaf that swings outward via a pivot arm and top horizontal tracks, are counterbalanced using tension springs. These doors are crafted from aluminium hollow sections, TIG welded, and have the option to be covered with different materials, usually done on-site by the client or builder.

One benefit of the Tilting Door design is its capacity to accommodate vertical cladding without horizontal seams. However, they necessitate extra clearance in the overhead space and extend up to 1300mm beyond the closed-door position when in operation, opening or closing.

Size range – up to 5500w (depending on cladding weight)

Weight – up to approximately 90kg

Popular finishes -

  • Tilt – Timber
  • Tilt – Custom Materials

Download Tilting Door specification sheet for more details.


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Benefits of Tilting Doors
  • Door construction allows for design freedom - the materials and designs that can be incorporated are virtually endless.
  • Alignment with building facade possible - ideal where door cladding is to match the building cladding
  • Doors up to 6M wide
  • Avoids horizontal joins where cladding is orientated vertically
  • Standard overhead door automation