Pivot Doors

Pivot Doors – In cases where an Axolotl coating is used on a garage door, a front door can be manufactured using the same base substrate and then Axolotl coated to match, creating a cohesive finish to a home’s façade.

Overview – includes the manufacture of an entry door frame (head and jambs) and the entry door itself. (Please contact Axolotl directly to choose your unique coating)

Size range – Oversized, uses a pivot mechanism (NOT hinged)

Details – Surrounding frame (head and jambs), then with entry door enclosed within this frame. Manufactured in aluminium and resin sheet (suitable for Axolotl coating), hidden cover plate to hide top pivot mechanism. Choice of European pivot mechanisms. Client to choose their own hardware (handle, lock set, cylinder, turn snib and escutcheon) to suit their design and function. Can be manual or electric strike.

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Pivot Door pair Axolotl Bronze Black Florentine 3 D Concentric