Marantec Operator

  • A highlight in white for very special garage doors.
  • Patented Blueline technology reduces energy consumption to a minimum: 0.6W in Stand By mode.
  • 24V DC motor, belt drive.
  • LED lighting to LED80W, additional plug in LED strip to LED160W available.
  • Integrated emergency battery backup available.
  • Push & pull force Comfort 360: 650N
    Comfort 370: 850N
    Comfort 380: 1100N
  • Travel speed Comfort 360: 220mm/sec.
    Comfort 370: 235mm/sec.
    Comfort 380: 180mm/sec.
  • Extremely quiet
  • Made in Germany
  • EOS for uniform and quick installing
  • Nominal voltage: 230 V
  • 2,3 and 4 Channel transmitter 433Mhz radio (standard 2 channel)
  • Soft start / soft finish - slower operation at the beginning and end of the open/close cycle.
  • The door automatically reverses when it encounters an obstruction while closing (some force
    will be applied to obstruction prior to reversing)
  • Optional photo electric safety beams- door will not close if any obstruction is interrupting the beam.
  • Automatic closing feature - closes automatically after the door has been opened after a pre-determined
    time. Can be enabled only with photo electric safety beam fitted.
  • Retains memory during power failure.
  • Disengage cord allows you to manually operate the door in case of power failure
  • Wall mounted transmitter for operation in garage away from opener
  • Additional transmitters available
  • Radio receivers available to link other doors and gates
Csm Comfort 360 370 380 side Marantec 11f537d955