Tilter Doors


The Tilter Door is a one-piece overhead door. It is available with two different hardware types - the "J" and "T"type.
Refer to the
Tilter Door specification sheet for details.
The main advantage of the one-piece design is that many cladding materials can be used without the need for joins where panels break as in a Sectional Overhead Door. Due to the nature of the hardware, Tilter Doors protrude beyond the opening by 1200mm during the opening and closing cycle and are limited by maximum weights and sizes - refer to our office for details.


  • Door construction allows for design freedom - the materials and designs that can be incorporated are virtually endless. From Colorbond to copper.
  • Alignment with building fascia possible - ideal where door cladding is to match the building cladding
  • Low headroom requirements
  • Doors up to 5.5M wide
  • Available with range of automatic operation - refer to remote controls

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