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Timber Doors

Our timber Sectional Overhead Doors are manufactured using our proprietary aluminium box-section frame. The frame section is extruded with a rebated profile to provide a weather seal between joints and additional strength. The vertical frame members are sections folded from 2mm aluminium. Frames are mill finish standard, but can be powder coated or anodized
The frame system produces a door that is both light weight and strong. It also allows us to clad the door in virtually any material, and doors up to 8M wide have been made.

Standard Profiles

Western Red Cedar

A variety of horizontal and vertical designs are available. The boards are fixed onto the aluminium frame via a plywood substrate. Doors are provided in a natural state for staining or painting on site. Cedar has variations in the colour and grain of the timber, giving it a truly natural look. Standard Boards available:

V-Joint 89x14mm, 140x14mm
Shiplap 84x14mm, 134x14mm
Regency On application
Custom Profiles can be milled to individual requirements

Notes: doors over 6000mm wide require joins in boards.
Windows can be fitted into Cedar doors


Slatted Doors

The timber slats can be screw-fixed to the aluminium frame either through the face or from behind so no fixings are visible. Doors are provided in a natural state for staining or painting on site. Cedar is the preferred timber due to its weight and stability, however, many other timbers can be used. Slat sizes and spacing can be varied to suit individual requirements. In the example shown, alignment of the door has been set to match the building fascia.


Plywood Doors

The plywood is fixed directly to the aluminium frame through the face and filled. Doors can be provided in a raw state for staining or painting on site or primed prior to leaving our factory. Many different types of plywood can be used, including Schauman Wisa Birch plywood which is available in widths up to 6ooomm without joins and with a smooth surface, or custom veneers. Individual panel heights up to 600mm high can be achieved.


Custom Timber Designs

Graham Day are specialists in working with you to achieve unique design outcomes. Below are some more examples of timber doors. Please ask us if you have any special design requirements.