Airflow Custom Materials Timber ColorBond Sectional Overhead Doors

3. Custom Materials

Our specialised Sectional Overhead Doors are manufactured using our proprietary aluminium box-section frame. The frame section is extruded with a rebated profile to provide a weather seal between joints and additional strength. The vertical frame members are sections folded from 2mm aluminium. Frames come standard as mill finish, but can be powder coated or anodized. Doors up to 8M wide have been made (depending on weight).
The frame system produces a door that is both light weight and strong. It also allows us to clad the door in a wide variety of materials, including aluminium, pure zinc, copper, stainless steel, Alucobond, Symonite and Acrylic. We also work with Axolotl Metals to coat doors in their range of liquid metal finishes. We are always interested in adding new materials to our range if you have specific requirements.